Thursday, July 19, 2012


In June we went camping twice, went to the State Fair and saw the circus there, flew kites and Ryan went on some bike rides.

Ryan roto-tilling Mom and Dad's yard.
 The kids at our campsite - just a short way up the Laie Falls trail.
 Carrying our packs...
 She's such a good hiker - if she wants to be.
 Reading to her brother at the fireside.
 Mom came to the state fair with us one Friday night.  We went on the Ferris Wheel, the Merry-Go-Round, and Cora and Ryan went on a big kid ride where they drop you.  We also saw a trained lion show and a circus - both really fun shows.  Elijah loved the lions, of course, he kept patting his Daddy and pointing to the lions, and growling.  
After the circus we took pictures with the performers - Mom and Cora matched the trapeze artists.
 And Elijah matched the clown!
 Ryan biking...
 Flying Cora's $1 kite from Walmart - we fully expected it to break immediately but it held up just fine and flew great in the wind!  Good cheap fun.

 Biking at Peacock Flats in Mahaka.
 Silly picture of me but it shows our cute new tent.  This was the second time we went backpacking/camping - same site.  The kids love it - Cora didn't want to come off the mountain - she wanted to live there.  They both have a really hard time sleeping in the tent though, so it was a pretty exhausting night both times. But other than that, it's a lot of fun!  S'mores for Ryan, Elijah and me, barely warmed marshmallows for our impatient daughter, playing with flashlights at night, playing horsey on the fallen trees, gathering pine needles and wood for fires,...  It's definitely something we want to do more of as a family.

It rained during the night and we were really tired in the morning, so instead of building a fire we had bread and canned peaches for breakfast and packed up and headed down. 

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