Thursday, July 19, 2012

July - First two weeks

We've been enjoying having Elise and her family here with us in July - and we've been doing lots of fun stuff as a family.  We've missed seeing them since we moved over here - we used to spend almost every long weekend and holiday with them when we were in Idaho.  It has been great to get the cousins together again and all spend some time together.

Pulling poppers on the 4th of July...
 Playing with everyone at the Ko'olina Lagoons. Jason and Jonah:

 Our camp at the Lagoon - Marcus guarding all our stuff!
 I can always get some quality snuggle time in at the beach when Elijah is cold and wet out of the water.

 Chillin' with a musubi...

 Elijah was loving sitting on the boogie board - even though he was a little cold being out of the water.  Cora too, was in the water almost the whole time she was there.  She loves the beach that's "like a bathtub."


Here we are at Haunama Bay - another long but fun beach day!

Stopping by the blowhole after.
My boys getting ready for church.  


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  1. Oh my gosh Sarah, these pictures are awesome! I'm sort of sickeningly jealous of how beautiful it is there. And your family pictures are all SOOO good! You and Ryan both look awesome in them all...not to mention your adorable children. Miss you Sarah!