Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Other recent projects

These were a couple of canvases I decorated for Cora's grandmas for Mother's Day, using Mod Podge and ribbon. The top canvas went to my mom, because she doesn't like b&w, and the bottom went to Ryan's mom, because she likes blue and Cora is sticking out her tongue just like her grandma, and dad, always do. I can finally show them off because the package I sent (a bit late) finally got to Hawaii (a lot late). I was excited by the bow I made out of ribbon, beacuse it was so easy and I realize that I really will be able to make bows for hair clips and headbands and such once Cora has enough hair to wear them. I still need to do one for myself. Christopher helped me out with his amazing photoshop talents. Here are a couple of other pics he photoshopped for me.


  1. are these her new pics? where did you go to get them? LOVE them! I miss her--tell her to stop growing up without me (sounds like she's on the move--army move that is!)

  2. I took them about a month ago - just set it up in her room on a sunny day, with a sheet. You can see they're not very professional, see all the wrinkles in the sheets?

  3. I LOVE the Pictures!!! You did a gotgeous job! I tried setting up the same thing with my kids a few months ago, but they kept pulling the sheet down, wrestling each other, crying, definitely not as successful as your endeavor!

    I also think the little shoes and bows are precious! You could definitely sell them online! Have you ever heard of ETSY? It is a whole site just for homemade items for sale. Also, check out the blog: "Make it and Love it" from my blog hs a bunch of other cool ideas to make for your baby now that you have a sewing machine!