Friday, June 5, 2009

into everything

Look mom someone put some yummy paper under this chair!

Cora is growing up so fast. She is still army crawling but getting some leg action into it. She loves getting the trash, the VCR, the speakers, the magazines in the shelf, the kitchen linoleum, the shoes, and today while I was on the computer she sneaked under the desk, under my feet, and got into the cords. She also got under the chair and peeled off the tag that was underneath it. We're working on baby proofing - haven't had to do it yet because the little girl I babysit is pretty good about not getting into things. Despite the fact that she has a million toys, her favorite toys are not toys - cardboard boxes, magazines, plastic containers, Daddy's backpack, and water bottles.

She has become a major Mommy's girl, although she has stopped saying MaMa and she says DaDa a lot now, along with a lot of other babbling. She also started blowing raspberries with her tongue out, and laughing when I laugh. She eats baby cereal puffs and absolutely loves them, especially the fact that she can feed herself (she's getting better at getting them into her mouth). We now have trouble getting her to accept anything that we offer her on a spoon. It is amazing to see her developing so fast and we are so lucky to have such a happy beautiful little girl who keeps us busy!

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