Thursday, June 18, 2009

clouds and bouncing babies

My big brown-eyed girl! Today I went to get Cora from her nap and she was sitting up in her crib! She usually plays for a bit before I get her, but she hasn't been able to sit up from lying down yet, so that's fun and new. She is still a determined army crawler. Ryan got some ideas from therapists at his affiliation on how to encourage babies to crawl for real, so we're trying them out - Ryan is more faithful at it than I am. It's not that we're worried about her development, or that she's behind, mostly it just bugs him how very inefficient her current method is. I don't think it's going to make much of a difference as far as getting into things goes, since she's already very good at it, as well as surprisingly fast. And I definitely would like her to save the rug burns she can get on her elbows, by crawling how she does now.

Ryan took this weather pic from just outside our apartment. We are so lucky to have a beautiful view right from our windows. This is what it's been like in Poky for about three weeks now. The weathermen said that because of some pressure system we have been getting the weather that usually hits Washington - very rainy and gray and often stormy. It's been kind of nice sometimes, since it's usually pretty dry here, but it's starting to get old. Luckily we've had a couple of days recently where it's let up, at least for part of a day. We even got to play frisbee golf, our new hobby, twice last week - once with our good friends, which was pretty fun.

This is Cora's new thing she likes to do - it just cracks her daddy up. She is our bouncing baby girl! I even caught her doing it a couple of times to music - starting to get a sense of rhthym, maybe?

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