Sunday, December 27, 2015

Betty turns 1!

Always cracks me up when babies fall asleep in the high chair.  Just so sleepy!

Betty's "cheese face" comes out when she knows you're taking a picture of her.
Getting dressed doesn't have to be boring.
Crashing on Daddy
This week at Cora's school was Dr Suess/reading week so everyday they dressed up in different ways. This was career day or dress like what you want to be when you grow up. Cora had a hard time choosing between astronaut and artist but eventually decided to go to school as an artist. I made her the apron the night before.  She is constantly creating and prefers doing "arts and crafts" to anything else so I think it fits.
The bulbs that Great-Grandma Wei helped us plant in the spring started to show, so exciting!  Spring is on it's way!

Betty trying to eat her way through the gate.

Getting out some of the extra sugar cookies from Christmas that I had stashed in the freezer for another snow day activity for bored kids.

The sock monster!  Betty loves to steal all the socks from my laundry piles.
Took the almost birthday girl to one of her favorite places, the library!
Here's my view the night before Betty's birthday.  Last year on this day, about this time, I was sitting in the ER with Ryan while he was getting his head stitched up, willing my contractions to stop and this baby to wait at least one more day... This is much easier, sitting at home with my almost one year old asleep in my arms, browsing Pinterest for the perfect birthday cake recipe, while my sweet Ryan puts the kids to bed and does the dishes.

Elijah helping me make Betty's birthday cake in Grandma Betty's bowls.  He's a good helper.

A small egg-cident almost made him hang up his hat...

But I convinced him to give it another shot.  (Betty is getting tired of her cage in the background, she chucked out all of her toys)
Elijah ran outside for a break after all that cake making.  He said he just wanted to lie in the sun and relax.  
Betty's birthday presents!  
She had some help unwrapping.
There's a book in the library about a Betty Bunny the kids really liked so we got her some bunnies.  But the kids are still convinced that her favorite animal is a monkey so they picked out a cute grey monkey for her.
The cake that Elijah helped me bake and Cora helped me decorate.

Birthday party with our amigos the Rivas.
It wasn't her first time eating cake, being a third child, she's had tastes of lots of different food that the others had to wait on, but she wasn't a big fan of it at first.  

She tried to give it away.
Apparently it tastes better with your socks off and your toes in it.  That's how Betty likes to eat usually.

We love this cute sweet girlie and can't believe she's already 1!  She brings so much love and joy to this family, we couldn't imagine life without her!
Silly Betty playing with one of her birthday presents from Grandma and Papa
This girl loves to sneak into the bathroom when the door or gate is left open.  
Betty modeling her new spring jacket I made for her.

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