Sunday, December 27, 2015

March 2015

 I'm trying to actually get ahead of time and made Betty's Easter dress early this year.  Now to make Cora's which takes much more fabric and time.  
We took the kids to the theater, which is a very rare treat for our kids, to see the new live-action Cinderella. Cora dug out her old dress up dress to wear to it and she barely squeezes in it anymore.

I was embarrassed at the movie - about halfway through the movie we heard a cell phone going off and I no one turned it off - it was close to us but it just kept going off and off and then stopping, and then a few minutes later going off again.  I was sure it wasn't mine because I knew for sure that I had turned mine on silent before the movie started so I didn't even check my purse, until about the 3rd or 4th time I heard it - sure enough, it was mine!  I had just set an alarm the week before for Saturday afternoon to remind myself to set out the kids' church clothes the day before to get ready for the morning, and apparently alarms still go off, even if the phone is on silent.  That sure taught me a lesson not to judge, lest I be judged myself.  I had been getting very annoyed with the person whose phone was going off!  
 Elijah kind of liked the movie but lost interest halfway through and wanted to go home.  
 Ryan took the kids outside for a picnic lunch one sunny day to let me take an after-church nap.

 Betty is getting so independent!
 When St. Patrick's day rolled around we though we could use our elf shirts from Christmas again, to make sure Cora was pinch-proof at school.
 No one threatened to pinch Betty, but we put her in her green "leprechaun" shirt anyways.
 Every other week I go to church on Wednesday nights for Activity Days girls with the 8-11 year olds and one night Elijah was sad I was leaving so I left him with a "kiss" from me.  He was pretty pleased with it and requests lipstick kisses from me regularly now.  I love that he's still little enough to like showing off his "kisses from Mommy."
 Ryan got to head down to the temple in Raleigh during a ward temple trip and see his cousin Cassie and her husband and son, which was nice.
 Playing at the Ladybug girl playground in Hillsville.  The kids ran up the big hill and rolled down.
 Betty absolutely loves when she's allowed in the kids room upstairs to play.  She got a kick out of playing dress up this day.
 Cora nursing her baby.
 Elijah brushing his mouse's teeth.

 Sister kisses

 Playing outside in the field part of the yard again with Daddy.  Got too hot for a shirt apparently.

 This is the answer to "How strong is Betty?"

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