Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fiddlers and Easter 2015

We went to an Old Time Fiddlers Dance in Surry, NC that we heard about through our local clogging group one Friday night and had a lot of fun!  Elijah and Betty especially enjoyed it.  They were the stars of the dance floor.  

 Elijah trying to clog.

 Cora was too shy most of the time to dance but we got her out there with Elijah once.
 You can tell her feelings by her face.
 The week before Easter we went to the church that is just down the block from our house to see the Easter bunny and shop a little at their little thrift store.  The progression of these pics cracks me up, with Betty looking at the scary Easter bunny and getting scared.

 Then we went to the Easter Egg Hunt downtown at Felts Park.  It was a nice event put on by the town but that day it had gotten really cold and windy again and the kids weren't that excited, understandably.

 Betty prefers to sit in her wagon than push it around.
 This is what happens to the keiki when Mommy puts off doing taxes til the last minute.  They watch lots of TV and fall asleep in front of the gate waiting for attention.
 Our friend Sarah Friend (her son Johannes is Cora's classmate and friend) hosted an Easter egg hunt and Easter party at their house which was really sweet and we had a lot of fun with.  Mom and Dad got into town for the weekend just in time to go with us.   

 Later that afternoon we went for a nice little hike by Matthew's Forest with Dad.  

 I even caught a rare photo of Dad running!  He raced Cora back to the car.
 We also got to dye our Easter eggs with Grandma and Papa.  Here's Cora showing off our creations.

 Then we went for a much longer hike, up the trail towards Mt Rogers with Mom and Dad.  The weather up there was much chillier than in Galax, with the wind, but it was a beautiful hike.  We got to see the wild ponies up close and personal which was cool.  The views up there are amazing!

 On Easter morning we had bunny pancakes which turned out not quite as cute as the inspiration picture but the kids still enjoyed.
 Then we did a fun little activity with the kids, reading from the scriptures and making symbolic meringue cookies that help teach the story of Easter.
 The Easter bunny hid eggs outside in the yard.  Yellow for Betty, blue and green for Elijah, and pink and purple for Cora.  That bunny is smart and knows how to prevent arguments.  He even left a note telling the kids how many they each had to find so they would know when they were done.  

 It was a fun and busy Easter weekend that we were glad to share with my parents.  We also got to relax a bit and watch General Conference together which was nice as always.
 Here are the kids the next week in their Easter clothes after church.  The clothes were a bit wrinkled by then but that couldn't be helped.  I thought I had been ahead of the game by getting the girls' dresses done early but then Cora decided she didn't like the fact that Betty's dress was "fancier" than hers (meaning: had more of the floral print fabric) so I did wind up staying up late the night before after all, making pockets to put on her dress to "fancify" it and also her headband, which she insisted on wearing right at her hairline, despite my attempts to push it back.  
 Here are their finished dresses together on their hangers - I was so proud of these dresses, but they taught me a big lesson - never spend a lot of time making clothes out of cheap material from Walmart - it's not worth it!  These dresses bled like crazy every time I tried to wash them and ruined several other pieces of clothing, and then they wrinkled up like crazy in the dryer.  So, they wore them a couple times and then that was it.  Next time I spend a lot of time making something it's going to be made out of much nicer fabric!

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