Sunday, September 6, 2015

February 2015 part 2

Betty got an early birthday present we brought home from Ikea in Charlotte - a little walker wagon.  She does like to walk along with it but not as much as she likes to sit in it.  

She likes to get pushed around in it.
An sometimes act like it's a wheelchair and turn the wheels with her hands.
We got it for her to help her work on her walking, as she was cruising pretty well along furniture, and it worked very well!  She started walking shortly after we got her the wagon.

Playing in the playpen in the kitchen while I do the dishes and showing off her set of chompers. She knows how to more than just smile pretty with them - her crib is full of dents where she's chewed off the wood... extra fiber maybe?

Playing in the snow!  The rest of February was the coldest and most wintery weather we've had yet. But we had lots of fun playing in it and then cozying up inside. 
Elijah is always trying to catch snow on his tongue.

Here's some of the cozying up I mentioned ;)
My angels!

Love making tracks in fresh snow.

Just threw a snowball.
Baby snowman!
Using her wagon as a segway.
Indoor fun one snowday home from school - playing Cora's My Little Pony game.
While Betty sleeps in her playpen.
Then working on some puzzles.  Elijah's always been my little puzzle fiend.
Cora's desk is such a mess currently that she's resorted to kneeling on the floor and using a tiny corner of her stool as a workspace.  Poor child is so much like me. ;)  Always has too many projects going on at once.
This little guy curled up in the shopping cart one day and actually fell asleep while I was doing my shopping, using my bags of sugar as a pillow.  The cashier helped me extract them from under him when I checked out and he didn't wake up til the cold air touched him when we went outside.  Realized later that he was sick which is why he was so fatigued.
Here's our little resident groundhog, signaling the end of winter.  Poor guy met his demise a couple months later when he darted right under my wheel in the driveway too quickly for me to avoid.  (That was yucky) But we had at least a couple on the property so we still see them around.  
More snow day fun - we made a rocket out of a big box!  Our two astronauts spent hours making and playing with it before it finally got recycled.

Betty really liked it and tried to take it over.  But she got kicked out of it when she started tearing off the decorations inside and even threw her first little baby tantrum trying to get back in.
Here's Betty in another Ikea acquisition - a laundry basket that we used as a tub.  It works really well- keeps the water nice and warm with less surface area to cool, uses less water, helps keep her from slipping all over, and keeps her toys close.  
Another two-hour delay gave the kids some more time to work on their rocket some more.  It got a name (invented by the kids) and some more decorations.

Cora said they named it that because their mission is to go around space finding aliens to bring back to a museum on Earth.  I tried to convince them that might not be the most humane way to treat the poor aliens but they were set on it.  
Another big snowfall!
Sleeping in the playpen again.
Yummy snow.
Building another Olaf
Escaping the winter into the warm indoor pool at the Galax rec center. Betty loved it so much!

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