Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ryan's June trip to the mainland 2013

This past June Ryan was able to go to the mainland for a quick trip to attend the APTA convention in Salt Lake, meet with some people from his parent company at work, and of course, catch up with family and friends that we haven't seen since moving to Hawaii.  He got to fly into Vegas and see lots of family in St. George, including Grandma and Grandpa Nielson (no pic).  Here he is spending a little time at the lake hanging out with Aunt Janice's family.  

He also got to hang out a little with this guy, Will - we miss being able to see him and Chelsea around in Hawaii.
I was pretty jealous that he got to hang out with our friends - Kevin and Dave and their cute families, our friends from Pocatello days.  I really miss that little community we had there at ISU.  He also got to see Brandon and Tonya and their family who we love.  No pic of that but we may have some soon in Hawaii! :)
On his last day there after the conference was over, Ryan got to go to some fun places before coming home - the SLC temple and then, at my urging, Lagoon!
Ryan brought the kids some little gifts when he got home and they loved them so much they insisted that we take pictures of them with the gifts - the most popular was a little bear for each of them, which Cora will still tell people her daddy gave her after his business trip.  I sewed a little bow on hers so they could differentiate, and the bears have a little wardrobe of different clothes now.
Back home in Hawaii we were able to have a nice visit with Eric and his family in June/July.  The next couple of posts have pictures and reports from things we did with them.  

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