Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas 2013

Getting ready for Christmas is really such a big part of the season, and so much more fun and magical with kids.  The first thing we do is decorate our tree.  The kids love this and I love to make a night out of it just like we did growing up.  Complete with mini lessons on the symbolism of the different Christmas icons, which Cora remembers surprisingly well.

 Making ornaments for the tree - and also finger painting some pictures.  One of Elijah's favorite activities.  I use the crayola kid paints that wash up super easily.
 We thought we would try and see if we could use all of our craft supplies in one project.  ;) Glitter, paint, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue...
 We've been somewhat starting to potty train Elijah - although he lost interest more recently and I've kind of lost steam as well.  He did love how he looked in his big boy underwear though.  So did we - although I cut his hair soon after these pics. Pictures have been cropped a bit for modesty.
  This kid is getting to be such a character! He's such a boy - loves playing the tormenting brother role to his very susceptible sister who will always give him a good reaction.
 Play time with some fun new toys from our sweet neighbors the Hanks.  Elijah looking much less shaggy.
Cora after her first hula performance at the PCC entrance on December 16th.  She was feeling a little sick but went on anyways and looked so cute.  She is still learning but everytime she hears "White Christmas" on Pandora she says hey that's my hula dance song and shows us the moves.  Auntie Sunday is so sweet and encouraging to her even though she seems to spend half the time at class in her own little world not really paying attention to what she's supposed to be doing, just scratching her legs and adjusting her dress and then going the opposite way of the other girls.  Ryan and I told her that even if she forgets her moves to at least try to remember to smile while she was up there and it was so cute to see her suddenly remember and flash a brief fake smile a couple times during the performance.  She told me after that she was too shy to remember to smile in front of all the people.  
 The rest of us after the performance
Her favorite thing about her performance was the candy cane she got after.
 Back at the PCC the next week for Christmas Lagoon.  
Maybe our blog readers are tired of hearing me talk about sewing but since this blog also serves as a personal/family journal of sorts for me, I'm going to go ahead and mention that Cora's shorts below were made by me.  She loves them and has requested more because they have ridiculously huge bubble pockets on the sides that can hold a lot.  (They are usually filled to the brim with all kinds of treasures and friends.)  Also the fabric has cute strawberries on it which is her favorite thing ever.
 The kids really didn't need sweaters but they wanted to wear them.  
For those that have been asking here is one shot of me with my belly - I feel as though it is so much bigger than this photo shows though.  March 12th is my due date so we still have a while to go - even though people keep asking me things like "how many days left? and "going to have a Christmas baby?" Ha, I wish!

We loved Christmas Lagoon.  Cora was so excited by every single detail.  She kept telling us to look at everything, even the ribbons wound around the poles.  The first half of the ride is about the Christmas story, complete with shepherds, wise men, Christmas carols, Mary Joseph and a baby, live animals, etc.  Then at the end they have other Christmas songs and dances with cute volunteer kids and fake snow made from bubbles/foam that the kids both loved.  
 Making our sugar cookies - one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  The kids love it too.  Part of me can't wait til they are older and can actually help more but still I love that they want to help and get so excited about it.  And of course I really don't want to wish these years away when they are so little.

We did the decorating a couple nights later with Heidi and her kids - that part wasn't quite as successful.  Elijah was sick so we had to keep him away from all the rest of the cookies and most of the night consisted of the kids eating way too many cookies/candies and the adults quickly frosting and decorating the remainder of the cookies for neighbors.  Not quite what we pictured but still fun nevertheless.  Cora was the only one who really got into it and after eating a few was happy to keep decorating more to give away.  She and Elijah loved the delivering part too.  I did sugar and gingerbread cookies this year which is what my mom always did and was pleasantly surprised that the kids loved both kinds.  

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