Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beach time with Eric's family 2013

We went to Shark's Cove with Eric's family while there were here.  It was super fun, even though there is not a ton of sand to camp on, there are so many fun shallow little pools where you can stand and see fish and other wildlife.  The adults got to take turns snorkeling while we all watched kids and played in the shallows.

We took a big family trip to Haunauma Bay with Eric's family, Heidi's family and even Grandma and Grandpa!  It was tons of fun, just camping out all day, playing in the water, snacking, building sand castles, and taking turns going out snorkeling.  I made a rashguard/2 piece swim suit for Cora that she wore there for the first time to help reduce how much sunscreen we had to use while spending all day in the sun.  
Grandma and Grandpa, in the water!  Haunauma has these cool handicapped beach chairs they give out to their handicapped patrons that you can take on the beach and in the water.
Playing on Grandma's water chair
Haha this is what it looks like when you have to do a Costco trip after a long day at Haunauma.  
We loved having Eric and his family around and the kids still miss playing with their cousins.  

Luckily we were able to have a few more visitors in the month of July which was fun for everyone in the family.  Aunt Doris and Tammy and Jarrett came for a week and stayed with us while visiting the family.  Somehow we neglected to get any pictures with them while they were here but we loved having them and it was great having our kids get to know these sweet aunts and cousin - just a small part of our wonderful extended family.  We also got to host Ryan's cousin Betsy and her husband Jonathan for a few days while they were in town for a wedding and it was super fun getting to spend a little time with them too.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing and extensive family on all sides.  

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