Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mom and Dad's visit in September 2013

In September we were happy to receive a visit from my parents for two weeks.

Elijah showing off his "future missionary" tag from Grandma.

Trip to the zoo with Grandma and Papa.  The kids absolutely love the zoo.  Elijah's favorites are the elephants and lions, and Cora loves hippos. But she hates the rhinos - it always smells really bad by their exhibit - I think because it's downwind from the petting zoo.
Both kids were wearing shorts I sewed for them.  Cora's are all distorted from filling her pockets with treasures.  She insisted on wearing her purple elastic headband over her hat to keep it from blowing off, and then found this big red flower she wanted stuck in there all day.  She reminded me of an old Red Hat Society lady.

Watching the lion cubs playing and the daddy lion roaring - so fun.
Climbing up to see the goats at the kiddie zoo.
A cute little cow blinded by the sun and a very constipated looking farmer.
Very tired after the zoo - again, we had to stop by Costco before leaving town.  That's what happens when you live in the country and need to make the most of your trips to town.
We went to Alligator Pond with Grandma and Papa a few times.  It's such a great beach for the kids at low tide - lots of fun little pools to see fishes and things, soft clean sand, and nice gentle shallow water to play in.
Cora and Elijah at the PCC before Cora's first hula class with Auntie Sunday.
Cora's new hula dress Papa bought for her.
Our little puzzle fiend with Grandma.
Dad took this cute pics of our kids after church on Sunday in their home sewn clothes.  They were both wearing nicer church shoes at church though.  I 'm sure Elijah will be embarrassed in the future by the dorky clothes I made for him and made him wear every Sunday, but a year ago or so Katherine warned me that I was running out of time to dress him as I liked, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.  He's already starting to express lots of opinions about his clothes, but luckily he still likes this Sunday outfit.  I had to make him shorts because otherwise he gets so hot and sweaty at church in nice pants.  
Cora, Dad and I went to lunch one day and on the way home spotted a crowd at the beach - upon closer inspection we saw that it was because there was a Hawaiian Monk Seal resting on the beach! 
On Mom and Dad's last night with us Dad wanted to go to the fish taco place for dinner then to Sunset beach to catch the sunset.  It was beautiful of course.
As always we had a wonderful visit and were very sad when they left.  Can't wait to see them again after the baby is born!

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