Thursday, June 6, 2013

May 2013

Heading up the mountain for a camping trip! Cora and Elijah were little troopers, they carried their own packs all the way to the campsite!  Cora's had most of her supplies in it, and was fairly heavy, for a 4 year old.  Elijah's backpack is actually a little bigger than Cora's but was filled with pillows, so it was light.  Still, it was hard for him to carry.

Doing some exploring in the morning at the campsite with Daddy, and letting Mommy sleep a little more.  (Since the kids took turns being up in the night - they definitely do not sleep well in a tent.)  But they love camping anyways - playing with flashlights, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, setting up a tent, etc.  
Cora is always finding the teeniest little flowers- anytime you go on a walk with her you'll find your pockets full of weeds/treasures later.  Here she's showing off her little "truffula tree flowers" she found.
Cora and Jason at Heidi's house on Grandpa's birthday.  I made Cora's dress - she calls it her 101 Dalmations polka-dotty dress.
Most comfy seat in the house!
Making cupcakes for FHE.  Guess I need to make Elijah a manly apron soon.
Playing at Alligator Pond again.  It was high tide that time so it was actually a little rough.
Cora wearing her new Cinderella dress I made for her, per her request.  She wanted a "not-scratchy" one, since the Disney store version she has is too uncomfortable and hot for her to wear for more that a minute at a time.  (Also she's growing out of it.)  This one is nice and soft and easily machine washable.  I've got a few other princess dresses in mind that I want to make for her, also in t-shirt material.  Elijah is also sporting some new shorts I made for him.

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