Thursday, June 6, 2013

March 2013

Ryan and his mini-me after church.

This is what we do probably about every other morning - I make a big glass of chocolate milk and we all grab straws and share it.  
Elijah sticking out his tongue while concentrating - just like his daddy and grandma.
Cute little leprechaun on Saint Patrick's day, with a floppy bow-tie I need to fix. 
Cora has been learning her letters - she knows all the letters in her name and a handful more.  She can recognize and write them, and thought her name spelled out in string cheese was pretty cool.
Very happy to have play-dough again - I don't make it that often and it doesn't last well here in Hawaii - too humid.  It gets wet and sticky and then moldy. If I don't throw it out before that because I'm tired of all the crumbs and salty hands.  But it does keep them both occupied for a while.  
Chocolate face! We have a lot of these kind of pics of Cora.  The girl loves her chocolate! Also, she always bites from the middle - when will she learn?
Cora, Elijah and Troy at the Gunstock Ranch Easter Egg Hunt.  This is the second year we've gone and it's pretty fun.  There's always a ton of kids but still they manage to get around 5-10 eggs each, usually, which is plenty.  
A girl on a mission.
After the egg hunt they give free horse rides, which the kids loved.  Elijah looked so tiny on his horse!
Little stud Troy
Cora was cracking up because her horse stopped for a lengthy potty break in the middle of her ride.  Ryan remarked that the horse was making a puddle and her guide said it was more like a swimming pool, which Cora thought was hilarious and then she kept telling people that her horse made a swimming pool.  
The kids on Easter day in our front yard.
The kids after church in their new Easter outfits, on their way to Grandma's house to hunt for eggs in the backyard.  It was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  I made Cora's dress and Elijah's pants.
They just adore their big cousins!
The big news this month was that Mom came home!  We are all so happy to have her back home with us, where she belongs.  She has made great improvements and continues to get stronger all the time.  Our prayers on her behalf are certainly being answered.

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