Thursday, June 6, 2013

April 2013

Cora helping Daddy's scouts do a beach clean-up.  I made this dress for Cora a few months ago.

Elijah playing at Alligator pond, our favorite beach to go to with the kids.
A nice protected little area with calm warm shallow waters that the kids love.
Two little rock stars with their shades.
Getting jiggy
Hmm, this dance move reminds me of someone...
But this move she definitely didn't learn from me.
My little momma's boy in the Easter pants I made him and Cora in a dress I made her.
We went to the zoo with Mom - it was so nice to have her along with us on a little outing like that again!  The day was pretty hot and sticky and we tired her out pretty good, but it was fun.
Such a classic pose - the older sibling practically choking the younger in response to the command "put your arm around him for a picture!"  Haha while wearing a "World's Best Sis" shirt too.
Nothing out of the ordinary here, just the kids playing on the playground at TVA one day.  This was before Cora got stung by a wasp (a different day) there and refused to go back to the playground.
I couldn't get a good picture of them but Elijah is wearing some new sailor-style shorts I made for him.  (Like his Easter pants, with the buttons)  

"Mommy, I stuck"

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