Saturday, August 27, 2011

We go beach

Last weekend we drove out to Haleiwa to get some Craigslist stuff and stopped at Sunset beach during sunset on the way home.
Love this little girl!

We like to play in bed when we first wake up. Here are the beautiful faces I spend all day with. Sometimes we play in Cora's bed, which is cozy, but in mommy and daddy's bed there are fun sheets to play under.All of a sudden our baby is looking so big, sitting on his own! He can go for a long time without falling over now.
He hates baby food but does a little better if it's something he puts in his own mouth. This was at the end of lunch, sleepy guy.But he woke up at the beach and showed off his new sitting skills.He's learning how to make the stinky face!Cora loves building sand castles with Daddy.
Ryan carved a sand seat for Cora and a sand Bumbo for Elijah.Elijah decided he liked the sand - both to play and to eat! I remember when we first moved to Hawaii, Cindy Wright, my former YW president told me that my babies would eat sand and not to stress over it. And this is the baby that spits all baby food out, even sweet stuff like bananas, sweet potatoes and blueberries.

Ryan also carved a mermaid tail for Cora - just barely got this pic snapped in time. See her little toes and knee emerging?This was the first time at the beach that Cora actually asked to go back in the water - she loved being in the ocean with Daddy! She didn't want to leave.

Ryan went for a ride before dinner - his first time mountain biking since we've been back! He went up to Pine Forest.
This Sunday we are giving talks in church - our theme is "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear." Should be good. Sending you all our love from paradise!

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