Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fountainhead Park picnic and other fun stuffs

One day we all went to Fountainhead Regional Park for a picnic. There was some mountain bike trails and a fun little mini golf course that was great for the kids.
Kate made us all crepes a couple of times - thanks to her skills from her Farmer's Market job. They were so delicious!
Elijah in his old man tourist outfit.Auntie Aline!The girls on Grandma's porch in the matching shirts I made them.A silly way to sleep.This is the result of Auntie Katie's handiwork. We need to live closer to her so she can help me fix Cora's hair more. Cora just doesn't stand still for me - she doesn't trust me to not hurt her, and I just don't have the skills or patience to try very often.
Our handsome little man after church.Bubbles!

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