Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend in Boise

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at Elise's house. Our big family dinner was on Friday after Thanksgiving since Mom and Dad and Johnny flew in that morning. We had a few days with Uncle John before he headed down to Provo to report to the MTC on December 1st.

Ryan went to an arcade with Eric's cute kids on the 24th.
Everyone played in the snow in Elise's backyard on the 28th. Johnny really wanted to build a snowman. He was kind of a miniature snowman because we didn't have that much snow.
Outside of Golden Corral.
After church on Sunday we took family pictures. Cora was not in a very good mood as you can see.
We love you Uncle John/Elder Nielson and pray for you every day on your mission! (He's going to Dallas, TX, Spanish speaking.)

This was what we found when we came home to Ridge Crest after Thanksgiving - a snow and ice filled town and parking spot. (Our spot is the one under all the snow, not the one where you can see some pavement.) We couldn't park in our spot for a few days til it melted enough for the maintenance guy to clear it away with his four-wheeler plow. Check out that view in the back of our apartment though - that is one of the things I miss the most about our old apartment. We had an amazing view, which I enjoyed every time I did my dishes and looked out of my kitchen windows.

It seems to be popular for people in other towns in Idaho to dislike or make fun of Pocatello but Ryan and I really loved it there. Sure, the wind was pretty bad and it was very cold, but it was beautiful, had a lot of easily accessible outdoor activities, was easy to drive around, has every store you need, and most of all, we made some great friends while we were there. Now that we are in Twin Falls, I'm still finding myself referring to Poky as "home," even though we have no intention of returning there to live. Out of everywhere we lived in our married life, Ryan and I lived in Ridge Crest for the longest - two and a half years.

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  1. I may or may not just have had a small heart attack seeing Johnny all missionaried up. He was 12 when I met him. Hope things go well adjusting to the new place! And Happy 6th anniversary (late) and happy 26th birthday (also late!). :) Miss ya!