Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving away

After Thanksgiving Ryan had a couple of weeks working pretty hard at school. This was his last semester of traditional course work with finals and he also had to give his final presentation and oral defense. He finished up really well and I am so proud of him! (In case you're wondering, he is still in school and working hard - he's doing two more clinical affiliations and then will graduate in May.)

Here's a shot of Cora being goofy at home.
After Ryan finished his finals we had a little goodbye party with our friends. We didn't take very many pictures, and the ones we took didn't come out very well, but here is Cora playing with some of the kids. When we all started PT school there were only a couple of these kids - Breanna was a baby, Dave and Laura had Davey and a newborn Savannah, and Cody had Jackson. Since starting, Cora was born, as well as Daphne, Dawson, Tanille, and Elise, and before graduation three more will be born. *correction* Phil and Kelsey have now had their baby - Congratulations guys! So before graduation two more will be born.Some of the adults playing catch phrase.Grandma and Grandpa came out to help us move, and we are so appreciative of their help. They did a ton of work for us, helping us pack, clean, take care of Cora, drive to Twin, and unpack. We love you guys so much! Thank you for everything.Cora loved sitting in Grandpa's lap - she would ask to sit with "Gampa, watch ball game."Driving to Twin was an adventure - every adult had to drive, since we had our Rondo and the Cirrus, and Ryan's parent's rental car and the U-Haul. We meant to get our earlier than we did, but of course, we got delayed by the cleaning, packing, check-out, and then, just as we were setting out, the check engine light came on in the Rondo and we had to go get it read. So even though we wanted to go early and avoid inclement weather and darkness, we wound up driving through heavy rain, some snow, and in the dark. Even though it was dark and cold when we arrived at our new place, we were blessed with lots of help from our new ward and our U-Haul was unpacked before we knew it.

A couple of days after we arrived in Twin was my 26th birthday. As you can see from the pictures, we were still unpacking, but we had made a lot of progress. It was a good birthday - even though we were moving, it was the first time in a few years that Ryan wasn't taking finals. Ryan got me a sweet oreo cake and we celebrated with some Martinelli's sparkling cider as well. Cora was a big fan of "mommy's juice" (sparkling cider) as well as the cool glasses we were drinking from.My two cuties - as you can see Cora decided to swipe Daddy's bigger slice and gave him her bowl.

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  1. Sorry I missed your birthday Sarah! Boy you guys had a busy couple of months. I'm sure it was hard to leave behind your friends in Pokey. Thanks so much for blogging and posting all these pictures so that we can see what's happening in your life. We love and miss you guys! You know where I hope your next move is to, right?! Either way, WE LOVE YOU GUYS
    I love Cora's face in her "goofy" picture!!