Friday, January 7, 2011

Home again

At the top of our list after getting home and unpacking our suitcases was assembling Cora's new cute little kitchen from Grandma and Grandma for Christmas. We tackled it after Cora was in bed while watching Galaxy Quest.

This was about 10:00 pm.11:00-ishAnd finally, a little after midnight!It was hard to get a good picture of Cora enjoying it because she was so excited and moving around so fast! She didn't discover it until after church because Ryan built it Saturday night and then we had early church.On Sunday evening Grandma and Grandpa came to our house, much to Cora's excitement. We were also able to host Ryan's uncle Neal and aunt Jodene and his cousin Deja for dinner, which was really fun. They live about 40 minutes away from Twin Falls so we should be able to see them more often while we are here.

Here are Cora and Grandpa, both relaxing in their easy chairs. Whenever Cora sits in that little white chair, she insists on having her pink footrest, even though her feet hardly even touch it.Cora was pretty sad when Grandma and Grandpa left. We're both adjusting to being each other's only company for most of the day again, since Ryan started up his affiliation on Monday and is gone all day working hard. We don't even have any babysitting kids around this time. Cora still asks about auntie's house when we get in the car.

Cora's been spoiled quite a bit with the move and traveling so we're working on getting her schedule and eating and TV habits back to normal before the baby comes. But she has also grown so much in these past couple of whirlwind months. She talks a lot now, makes good sentences, and it's been really fun to watch her pretend play skills develop. We'll have to get a picture of it soon, but in addition to her new kitchen, Cora has another big new favorite toy. Madelyn (Cora's cousin, not her grandma) let Cora take her old dollhouse home, since she doesn't play with it anymore. So sweet, and Cora just loves playing with the little family. She also got a couple of new baby dolls for Christmas and now she has a regular little family of 4 babies that she takes care of. When the baby comes I think she may have some jealousy issues but overall I think she will love her new baby brother. We are doing our best to prepare her for the big change that is coming in her life.

Baby brother seems to be doing well, he is due to come out in about 3 weeks now and the doctor says I'm measuring right on schedule. He does seem to be stronger and more active than I remember Cora being in utero. Sometimes I think he's trying to kick his way out through my belly button (which is now an outie and has been for several months. That also didn't happen with Cora.) So far everyone is healthy and I am just trying to enjoy this time that we have left with just Cora as our little baby. I have had several requests for a good profile belly shot so I will try to remember to take and post one soon, on the next day that I wear makeup and my own clothes, instead of my husband's. ;)

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  1. Cora is so cute! I love her and dad in their chairs!! Hahaha! Ryan, it's amazing how much work goes into actually getting the toys ready to play with, huh. That's how I feel everyday building train tracks and sets for Troy and his trains!