Thursday, January 6, 2011


In between Christmas and New Year's the family all decided to go to Cascade, a town couple of hours north of Boise in the mountains. We stayed at a lovely hotel called Ashley's Inn, for two nights. Originally it was going to be just one night but we decided to stay longer because we were having a good time, and also because a huge storm hit, dumping a couple feet of snow, making the roads dangerous. We went to a couple of local cafes, hung out in the breakfast room and played games at night, ate big continental breakfasts and enjoyed warm cookies at night, swam in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub, and went sledding on the golf course. It was a great trip and we are very grateful to Mom and Dad for taking us along.

Here is Cora, topless in the pool. We didn't think to pack swim gear for Cora when we went to Boise, even though we have a ton of swim diapers left over from the summer. Luckily Eric and Rachelle lent us a swim diaper. I was going to put her in the diaper and a onesie, but then I decided to keep the onesie dry for when she got out and just put her in the diaper. She didn't last long in the pool anyway.
Waiting for everyone to get ready to go out sledding.This was where everyone went sledding. Cora and I went out for a bit, and Cora went down the hill twice with Daddy, but as you can probably see from our faces, we were happy to get back in the car and watch. It was beautiful there but ridiculously cold! Ryan was able to snow-shoe as well as sled, (the hotel had snow shoes we could borrow) and he had fun exploring down to the lake. Here are a couple of pics taken from the car on the drive back to Boise. It was a beautiful winter wonderland.

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  1. I LOVE MY FAMILY! So fun for you all to go to cascades! It looks like a beautiful place. I would only want to be in the cold long enough to enjoy the beauty there for a vacation and not any longer! Next time we are all together I hope it is at Ko'olina at the lagoons!