Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My little kitchen helper and home again

Even before I found out I was having a girl (when I was expecting Cora, not this current pregnancy) I dreamed about having a little girl cook with me in the kitchen. I didn't really think Cora was big enough yet but she let me know that she thinks she is. She loves pushing our rice bucket up to the counter or sink where I'm working and getting her hands into whatever I'm doing.

This is Cora helping me "stir" the pink lemonade, aka splash her hands in it.Enjoying the fruits of her labors - this is her new favorite place to eat, standing on the bucket at the counter.She loves to help me "wash" (sounds more like "bosh") the dishes. Although, it's more like she plays with a spoon under the water while I wash the rest of the dishes, and she yells at me when I dare to use the water too, or turn it off when I'm done.This pic was taken just yesterday, when Cora helped me mix up some banana bread. I was pleasantly surprised that she let me help her stir, but when we were all done she threw a huge tantrum.These are just some pictures of Cora being silly.It's been so nice to be home after a wonderful, busy but long summer. School started a little too soon, of course, and we are pretty busy now, but we are still enjoying our nice little house on the hill, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the sunset every night. Here are some of the views from our back and our front porch.Cora has been happy to discover all of her toys and books again, and is especially cute playing with her babies. She shares her food and drink and even her blankie (sounds more like bootsie) with them and pats them on the back and puts them night-night. She has been talking more than ever and is making a real effort to get her pronunciation right and imitate what we say.

With school starting again I am babysitting again - just one girl this semester. Acacia is just two weeks older than Cora and it has been fun watching them play together. They are both so much more mature than they were last semester, and there are a lot of times that they play together so nicely. They (sometimes) like to share toys and look at books together. They love holding hands on the way to the playground, which is great, since Cora refuses to hold my hand when crossing the street, but she'll hold Acacia's and Acacia will hold mine. After they each go down the slide they like to give each other high fives.

Since we've been back we've also spent a long weekend in Boise visiting Elise and Eric's families, and we had a short visit from CW and Dad on the way out to Provo. Unfortunately we were bums and didn't take pictures during both of those visits. :( But we had a great time seeing everyone again and can't wait to seem them more later this fall.

Well that just about sums up what we've been up to lately. Now I've caught up from my laziness from the summer and I'm really going to try to keep up on the blogging again. Stay tuned next week for some sonogram pictures and maybe... if the baby cooperates... an announcement.

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