Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mink Creek West Fork Hike 8/28

We went on another hike to the Mink Creek West Fork last Saturday. It was beautiful up there, with lots of pines and quakies around. We've also been walking around on the paths right around the hills by our house a lot since we've been home, especially on evenings when we feel like Cora needs to get tired out, and she always loves walking and running around on her own. But at the beginning of this hike she was being pretty silly and wouldn't walk or get in her backpack carrier, she just wanted me to hold her. Finally we convinced her to get in the backpack with a granola bar distraction. On the way back down, she fell asleep in the backpack. She woke up a little later when we were trying to make her more comfortable and insisted on walking the rest of the way - screaming and flailing if we tried to pick her up. The last mile or two of the hike (I'm not good at estimating distances) took the longest, with Cora meandering along, stopping every couple of feet to tell us about a rock in the path, a tree, the grass, or to smell her flower. It was pretty cute, even though we did try to hurry her along so we could get home.

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