Tuesday, September 21, 2010

chalk drawings

It's been a while again since we've updated the blog. I had one of the most painful weeks of my life in that time, culminating in a root canal last week. Thankfully, after a day to recover from the root canal, I've been pain-free ever since. Now I'm back to my regular self, enjoying playing with Cora while it's nice outside and it's still just the three of us. Ryan has been busy with school and we've just started talking about names for the baby, now that we know it's a boy.

Cora's been growing up so fast on us. She talks a lot now, although only to Ryan and I or other kids; she's still pretty shy among other adults. She has started resisting bedtime, which is new for her. She has called Ryan "Daddy" for a while now but just in the past couple of days started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Momma." She is quite the cookie monster and I know when it's dinner time because she starts asking for "cookie?" and pointing to the cupboards. Anytime she wants anything she grabs my finger and takes me when she wants to go. If I ignore that chances are she'll just drag her little chair over to the counter and try to get it herself. But she can also tell us what she wants a lot of the time now, which is so nice. She will say "note" which means milk, and sometimes also water, when she's thirsty, and "eat" when she wants to eat, and "shoes? side?" when she wants to go outside. She can open our front door by herself, as long as it's not deadbolted, and so we have to make sure that our gate is always closed with a caribeener so she doesn't escape.

Here's Cora a few days ago playing with chalk outside. I was trying to take pictures of her outside but she kept coming right up to the camera and making stinky faces.

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  1. So sorry to hear you had a root canal! Ouch! Glad you are feeling better. Johnny had his six wisdom teeth yesterday, seems to be doing okay. Cora is so cute making her stinky faces!