Monday, September 27, 2010

Haircut, Big Springs and sewing

Cora's hair has been getting longer and longer - when it's wet it reaches down in between her shoulder blades. Or, it did. After weeks of Ryan commenting "we should get her hair cut" I finally did, so that she could have it out of her eyes, but hopefully not have a "fresh cut" look on her birthday. I decided to take her somewhere to have it cut, and since I didn't want to pay too much I went to a hair school. We cut her bangs so they aren't constantly in her eyes, and also took a little from the back. I didn't want to lose her little curls but also didn't want her to look like she had a mullet. The student did great, she was friendly and pretty fast, and Cora was much better behaved for her than she was when my mom and I tried to trim her bangs this summer. I think the intimidation factor had something to do with that, which I was okay with. Definitely worth the $5. And Cora still has curly hair at the back.

Just before I went to get her hair cut I decided to try to take some before pictures. Cora was not very cooperative, but you can see the shaggy-ness.
Especially shaggy blowing in the wind.None of the after pictures turned out well - as in, they're so blurry/dark that you can't see her hair at all - so you'll just have to look at the pictures we took in the next few days to see her new haircut.

Our favorite place, the playground.
Cora can go up most of the ladders by herself now. Scares me a little but I did encourage her to learn to do it by herself - so I don't have to constantly get up and rescue her when she gets stuck.I don't think I've taken a bath picture of Cora since she was an infant in the baby bath. That's probably because until recently, she had never been a fan of baths, so we usually would just shower her to get if over with faster when she needed one. But recently she's discovered that bubble baths are fun and will go upstairs on her own, saying "basth! bubble" when you tell her it's bath time.
After far too long I've gotten back to my sewing machine and made a few things. Currently I'm working on a big project that is taking a lot of time. Here is a little skirt from an old t-shirt I made for the girl I babysit who just turned 2. She likes skirts that twirl.
And I made this dress for Cora from two other old t-shirts in my DI pile. I think it's the best I've ever done at sewing a neckline, (not that you can tell from the picture) but I can't decide if it looks more like a fun comfy play dress or a nightgown.
On Saturday we decided to drive up to Big Springs, on the other side of Pebble Creek Ski Resort, to check out the autumn foliage. It was a fun drive and it's really beautiful up there. Cora slept while we drove there and when we got her out of the car we discovered that her pockets were full of rocks from the playground earlier - probably wasn't too comfortable to sit on. She probably had about 20 rocks - distributed in her little front and back pockets. Pockets are her new favorite thing - she's always got her hands stuffed in them. We went on a short nature walk with Cora and she had a ton of fun. She loves to "wok" and if we ever try to pick her up she'll squirm and cry and say "up! up! wok" meaning she wants us to put her down. (We're working on that one.)

Look at that face - she loves her daddy!
Kimchee squat!On another note, we are super excited for uncle Johnny, who just got a mission call to Dallas Texas, Spanish speaking! We used Skype for the first time to watch him open it, which was pretty special. Since then we've used it to talk to my family too. Don't know why we're so behind the times and just now trying it - it's so easy and really fun for Cora. She doesn't really get the whole talking on the phone thing yet (unless it's a toy phone, then she'll babble on), but with the web cam she understands who she's talking to and gets excited.

(Sorry for the novel. I know I always have long posts.)

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  1. Wow! I can't believe how big and pretty Cora is now! I totally understand about the shaggy hair...Lily's is just like that half the time. Thank goodness for hair cuts! Also, I'm glad you have found some time to sew! I especially love the twirly skirt you made for the girl you babysit! So cute!