Sunday, September 6, 2015

February 2015 part 1

Here is my little goofball Valentine who I spend my days with while Cora is at school.  Love this boy and his sweet kisses!
This day he was a pirate all day.  He got some pirate gear for his birthday (treasure map, hat, hook and spyglass) and I made him some accessories - like the felt sword, the vest and eye patch.
One day I he was outside playing by himself. I was still inside the house but ran out when I heard him scream.  There was a kind of big and mean looking stray dog near him on the driveway.  I yelled and the dog ran but Elijah (and myself) were still a little scared.  A little later when he was telling me about it he said "the doggie licked his teeth and said to me 'you look like a yummy boy to eat'. "

Park lunch date
The first weekend in February was beautiful warm weather - it got up to the sixties Sunday afternoon so we just had to get out of the house and take a little nature hike.  

We found lots of "fairy carpet"

The Friday before Valentine's day we had a 2 hour delay from snow so we made good use of our time and collaborated on this Valentine's shirt that Cora designed and I painted.  
On Valentine's day, we got out of town and headed to Greenville, SC.  We went to a really fun park for the kids and then checked out the zoo there.  

The zoo was very nice and the weather was perfect also, about 50s.  

After the zoo we checked out downtown Greenville.  The bridge and falls there are just beautiful and we really enjoyed taking a look around.

After we left Greenville we headed to Charlotte to go to Ikea.  Once we left there we headed home - to find that home was being hit by a big snow storm!  It was unexpected but luckily we didn't hit too much snow til the last part of our trip and we made it home safe.  So we had a very long day but it was a fun day with all of my Valentines.  

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