Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More May

The kids love playing at the elementary school playground sometimes as a break from the TVA ones.  Lately Elijah's been loving watching Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, the old cartoon from the 80s, so he loves playing on the big spiderweb at the school and pretending to be Spiderman.  This time Cora was pretending to be Firestar, Elijah was Spiderman, Ryan was Iceman and Betty was Aunt May.  ;)

Big smile with brother!
The other day Elijah told me he didn't want to be a boy anymore, he wanted to be a girl.  He's feeling a little outnumbered with his sisters I think.  But upon further inquiry, he said it's because when they play house Cora always makes him "go to work" and go and stand in the corner all day.  Kind of cracks me up because I remember doing the exact same thing to poor Christopher, who always complained about having to be the daddy and get sent away to "go to work."

Betty cuddling on Cora's bed too.
Matching pjs!  I bought these for our summer trip but Betty outgrew hers too early!  Silly baby.
Baby bubbles.

Cora and Elijah's homemade band performance one night.  It was pretty cute, complete with singing made-up songs.  Cora's always been one to make up songs about everything.  
We love all of our nieces and nephews and Jordan is no exception!  He is such a sweet, handsome, funny and just all around amazing young man.

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