Monday, June 2, 2014

February and Valentine's Day 2014

Here are some of the things we got up to around early February.

I just love the adoring look Elijah is giving Cora in this picture.  They do fight a lot but still love each other so much and Elijah really does look up to her and seek her approval... sometimes.
 I love those hazel brown eyes, scrinched nose and dimples!
 Riding the bike path one day - we figured we'd let Cora ride on her own for part of the way and then put her bike in the back of the trailer for the rest of the time but she insisted on riding the whole bike path, to the end and back!  She did so great and then she slept really great that night too ;) 
 The whole time she was riding she wanted to be in the front so it was a difficult ride for me because I kept having to stop to make sure I didn't pass her. Usually that wouldn't be that hard but with my big belly my balance was off.
 Elijah refused to put pants on this night - so we kept it casual, and got fast food.
 More bike riding practice, behind the School of Education across the street from our house, where Ryan used to ride around when he was in preschool.  Mom and Dad also came over and Mom practiced walking around the path too.

 Our Valentine's night plans were easy this year.  The YSA ward that Ryan serves in throws a party at the Kahuku Elderly Community Center every year.  The kids had an absolute blast, dancing and playing with the balloons.  They still talk about the fun Valentine party and ask when we're going to do it again.
 Belly shot - about 36 weeks.
 I made Cora a new skirt for Valentine's Day - a satin circle skirt.  It looked nicer in person than in this photo - not so shiny and obnoxious.  I didn't plan on having her pair it with her pink shirt (last year's Valentine's shirt) and pink cardigan but she insisted.  That's our girly-girl we know and love. 

 Making our Valentines.

 Ever since we first told the kids that we were going to have a baby they've been counting down the months by the holidays.  First came Cora's birthday, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Elijah's birthday, Valentine's Day and then the baby would come!  Cora would even tell people that the baby was coming after Valentine's Day.  So they were very excited for Valentine's Day and I had a lot of explaining to do when the baby didn't come immediately after Valentine's Day was over. Or the next day. Or the day after that...

Here are some pictures the kids drew that I thought were pretty cute - all on their own initiative.  Elijah said his is the Earth, Cora told me hers is the solar system.  I would love to take credit for teaching them about the solar system but I think they learned about it from The Magic School Bus on Netflix. That show is teaching me not to underestimate what the kids are old enough to understand.

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