Monday, January 14, 2013

December 2012

We decorated the Christmas tree for family home evening early in December.  The kids loved it - you can see their clumps in the pictures below.  I got scolded for re-arranging their decorating, so I mostly left it alone, but after a few days the kids, of their own accord, had moved all the ornaments around and spread them out more.   

Elijah with a couple of the quilts I made for the craft fair in the background.
We finally moved Elijah out of our closet into Cora's room.  They've both done pretty well with the move, although we did have a few hard nights getting used to it.  Cora started sleeping in her tent, on the big guest bed in her room, with four pillows surrounding her.  Such a princess.  We tried to see if Elijah would sleep in his toddler bed, but although he liked the idea of it, he cried and got out as soon as we closed the door, so he's been in his crib still. 
Our Christmas present to each other - a new recliner.  The kids in the recliner the night we brought it home.
Mom was nice enough to watch our kids that night while we went to Costco to get it so that we could fit it in the back of the Rondo, and then she helped us carry it in.
Cora's long hair - a last look before we chopped it off.
Getting it cut...
 It's very mean of me to publish this post without an after picture, but I just haven't been able to get a good one yet.  She looks very cute with a chin-length bob, and we were able to cut enough off to donate to Locks of Love, like Grandma.  She was very pleased with her haircut, saying - "it looks just like I wanted it to look like!" although she also said "I don't look like me, I'm not Cora anymore.  I'm somebody else."  So for a few days she made us call her Cora Fey because she wasn't Cora anymore, but then I guess she got used to it and forgot.  We are both very happy with how much easier it is to take care of now.  It takes much less time to shampoo and only a couple strokes of a brush in the morning and she's done!

 Of course, the event that affected us the most this past month was Mom's stroke on the 14th of December.  We love her so much and are so grateful to the Lord for sparing her life.  She has been in the hospital ever since and is still recovering, slowly.  We have seen many miracles since that day and also received so much service and love.  We post more information about Mom's current progress on Facebook, so if anyone wants to know more, you can ask either Ryan or I for an invite to the group Madelyn Nielson so you can get the latest posts. 

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