Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Early November

Ryan on a bike ride up behind Sunset Hills in early November.
There was a surf competition going on that day - see the tiny surfer catching a wave?Celebrating Mom's birthday. She requested a red velvet cake - I tried the making frosting roses again and it looked much better this time, but I only did it on the top of the cake.
It was a party! Dancing and all. Elijah fell asleep by the end.
I finally got Cora to wear the tutus I made her for her birthday. Here she is wearing both at once. She had a little friend over for a playdate and while she was here they each wore one. (that's how I convinced Cora to try it on)
Cora loves her bike that she got for her birthday, but getting her to pedal has been harder than we thought it would be. Here we are practicing.
With her "boy friend" Kalani. (Those are Cora's words, not mine. But all she means by it is that he is her friend who is a boy)
Ryan biking up behind Sunset again.

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