Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Early December

In the beginning of this month we took family pictures at the beach for our Christmas cards, I did a craft fair with Madelyn, and we decorated our tree.

Johnny took our pictures for us at Temple Beach- it was a windy day but we had fun and he did great.
Here are a few pictures from my craft show - I made a couple of baby quilts, (which I intentionally priced high because I secretly wanted to keep them), as well as a bunch of zipper pouches, baby toys, (the bear and flower faces) keychain wristlets, and a custom hand embroidery. I did ok, sold about half the stuff, but I felt pretty good about it. I made sure not to buy any new fabric, just some notions, and I only made what was fun for me to make. I learned how to make zipper pouches really well and practiced some other skills. I got to go home with the boy baby quilt (the green brown blue one in the picture below) but had to part with the baby girl one.
Cora and Uncle Johnny at the Visitor's Center.
Here we are decorating the tree for FHE. It was so fun to finally be in our own home for Christmas and decorate a full sized tree! We haven't had that since we've been married, since we've always been away from home for Christmas.
Dimple alert!
Elijah loves practicing walking with his cart toy!

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  1. Oh what a beautiful family! I enjoyed looking at all of the updates! Loved your family pics! Hawaii is beautiful! Your kids are growing up,and getting so big. Good job on all your amazing crafts. Loved the tutus that you made! You are very talented. Well take care, tell everyone hi!