Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Christmas Day was so fun!
Ryan and I were so excited this year to be in our own home with our own tree, starting our own traditions. Cora was finally old enough to get it and learn what Christmas was all about. She knows the story of the Nativity backwards and forwards and played with her little people nativity toy set all month. She knows why we give presents and what the stars represent. She helped pick out a present for her daddy and brother and was excited to see them open them. She even told Ryan about his present at dinner, the day we got it: "Daddy, I buy you a watch!" :) Guess I forgot to explain about keeping the presents a surprise. In the days leading up to Christmas Cora kept saying "It's going to be Christmas when my family comes and I'm going to be so happy!" She wanted all of her family to come to her house - mainland family too, but she was so excited the day we decorated cookies that some of her family came to her house - she said "My family come! Mommy, it's Christmas!" Cora also knew about Santa and was so excited for him to visit. We tried to emphasize the Christ part of Christmas more than the Santa part, but it was fun to watch her anticipate the Santa stuff too.

On Christmas morning Cora woke up as usual, around 8:30, and came into our room like she always does. Ryan and I let the kids play in our bed while we got all ready and showered, and then told them it was Christmas! (She knew the night before, but forgot overnight. I'm sure that's the last year that will happen!) We went out to the living room and sat on the couch and read the Christmas story in Luke before opening Santa's presents. The kids were really excited for the new toys - a puzzle, tractor and truck for Elijah, and a new pink scooter for Cora. Then we got ready for Church and went to church for one hour.
After church we went to Heidi's house to open some presents with the family. Here's me, Madelyn and Cora in front of Heidi's tree. Here's our tree with all our presents wrapped and waiting for us to open them. See our stockings hanging in the window?
After that we went home to get some food ready, and then we went to Auntie Sunday's for a brunch with all the family. Cora loves playing with her cousin Troy and Wailea and Hirirau! (By the way, they were pretending to be hurt, not actually hurt.)
After lunch we came home and finally started opening our presents at around 5. We did our stockings last of all, right before bed at 9. And since we were all in our matching homemade PJs, we tried to take family pictures using the timer on our camera.
It was definitely a busy Christmas, and we missed a lot of our family who weren't with us, but still overall it was a wonderful day. We are so blessed to have our little family and to be able to share with them the joy of celebrating Christ's birth. We all got spoiled with too many toys and things, (thank you, mom and dad!) but we have so much love and we know that is what makes the season magical.

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