Monday, May 23, 2011


Here are some pics from when Grandma and Grandma came to our house to pick up Johnny. Grandpa playing with Elijah.

Here are my two little sous-chefs - Cora enjoys "helping" me with the dishes. Here is Ryan at a church camp-out this Friday. We have only been in this ward a short while but the people here are wonderful and Ryan has really enjoyed his calling working with the Young Men.On Saturday morning he was able to find some trails around Kimberly that offered good biking, so he was able to enjoy a fun ride - although the trail was covered in some parts by water, since it's been such a crazy wet spring here.Our brown-eyed girl.She found Ryan's beanie and was enjoying being chased by Daddy with the camera.On Sunday evening we took a walk to smell the lilacs that are blooming now. (My favorite flower)Cora was wearing her new circle skirt I had just finished making her, and Elijah was being kept warm with his new quilt I just finished for him. I've made him a couple already but I really wanted a small light one that would be easy for the car and travel, and this is my favorite so far.I thought this image of Cora relaxing with Ryan was so cute - she looks like such a big girl, plopped down that way.Cora wanted to come watch "bideos" on my lap when she saw me looking though our pictures on the computer.

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  1. Lovely photos! Grandparents are the best.