Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update on Johnny

We've received a lot of requests for more information about Johnny.

John was on his mission in Dallas TX. He had back problems before his mission but it gave him minimal pain until the daily grind of the mission aggravated it and he started having a lot of pain. He had spondylolisthesis and after a lot of talking back and forth and doctor appointments they decided to put him on medical release and have him see some specialists in Salt Lake. At first they were going to try and avoid surgery but he ended up getting a spinal fusion (L5-S1) on May 5th.

Now he's in Meridian with Elise , still recovering and getting better every day. They decided it would be best if he didn't return to the mission field and he'll be released when he gets back to Hawaii sometime this summer. He was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Elder Christofferson when he was in Salt Lake and he told John that his mission was completed and the Lord accepted his service.

It's been hard to see our little brother going through all that but we've got a lot of respect for him - he's endured a lot of pain and through it all has remained so strong and optimistic.

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