Friday, April 23, 2010

Yellowstone and other happenings

Ryan had an awesome chance to go to Yellowstone a couple weekends ago on a bike tour with the ISU Outdoor Adventure Center. He was able to bike and also cross-country ski. Yellowstone wasn't open for cars yet so they were the only ones on the road. He saw a lot of elk and buffalo, including one that almost charged him. We have a lot more pictures of his trip that we will be posting on Facebook soon.I realized Cora's hair is long enough for pigtails the other day - it's my favorite now! She's not a big fan of headbands or clips, so about all I can do is something tied on that she can't take off. She's wearing another new dress/top I made her - took me a while to figure out how to sew with elastic thread in my machine but now that I've got it down, I think I'll be playing with this technique more.She doesn't usually get to snack on Waffle Crisp - that was a one time thing.She looks awesome after we take out the pigtails too. I look kind of drunk in the second pic but she's pretty cute so I included it. I don't usually post many pictures of myself so I'm trying to do it more.We got to see a lot of family in the past few weeks too. Eric and his family came by the day Ryan got home from Yellowstone and surprised us - they were on the way home from Salt Lake. We were lame and didn't take any pictures, but we had a fun few hours with them. Then Mom came the next weekend before driving back with CW to Virginia. She helped us get ready to move in a couple weeks by starting to pack up. Cora got pretty comfortable with her which will be nice when we get out there in a couple weeks. This is the best picture we could get of Cora after church and before lunch. Cora likes getting into small places.She is also a little magpie, always collecting and displacing things and trying to carry around more things than she can actually carry. She wanted to wear the hat and carry her "purse", a.k.a. her Easter basket I crocheted. This is the newest dress I sewed for Cora. I just finished it this morning. She was not being very cooperative with photos this morning so we'll have to get more the next time she wears it, probably on Sunday. I'm really getting into making clothing for Cora, even though she really doesn't need a bigger wardrobe. I think toddler dresses may eventually be something I try to sell on my Etsy shop, it's fairly fast, doesn't take a lot of material, and it's very rewarding. I also want to get into quilting more.This is a little neck pillow I made for Cora, to support her head when she falls asleep in the car. It looks ridiculously tiny but is actually the right size for her little neck. She always wants to have it on her neck when she gets into her carseat.
Cora started nursery the week after Conference. We are so excited to be able to actually listen to the lessons in church now. So far she hasn't cried or clung to me, although I didn't really give her a chance to cling. But according to her leaders she didn't really play, just stood there and watched the other kids. Hopefully she gets used to it and starts interacting a bit in a couple of weeks.
She's been talking a lot more lately. She loves books and she has been learning a lot of new words lately. Although, I think it has made her a little frustrated, being able to communicate a little but not as much as she wants. Today at dinner she kept repeating a word over and over and I couldn't tell what she wanted and she was pretty upset. But in general she is pretty happy and loves identifying all the new words she can say.
Well there you have it. A super long post to update the past couple weeks. Now we're gearing up for the end of the semester, finals, and right after that getting ready to move out of our apartment into a storage unit for a couple of months while we stay with my parents in Virginia for a clinical affiliation. We may have another semi-long break in blogging until all that is over and we're settled in Virginia. In the meantime, we'll try to post the pics from Ryan's trip on his Facebook profile.

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  1. that purple shirt is the best ever! so cute. I can't believe the adorable stuff you are making you should for sure sell in etsy! glad Ryan had fun on his trip--sounds amazingly fun. oh and I love the piggytails!! she's getting so big and smart!