Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break and Easter

We had a nice and simple Easter. Christopher drove up from Provo on Saturday and as always, we had a lot of fun with him here. We ate a lot of food, watched General Conference, and played a lot of MarioKart. Between sessions on Sunday we dyed our eggs. Cora even helped put stickers on one egg, before she got too grouchy because it was lunch and nap-time.
This is the little Easter basket I crocheted for Cora from fabric scrap strips during the Saturday afternoon session. And this was one of her basket fillers - a little lamb I sewed for her Saturday night. I also sewed her a bunny, but didn't take any pictures of it yet.This is our little felt door garland - when it's snowy, windy and freezing outside you have to do something extra to make the outside look Easter-y.
Last week during spring break we spent a few days in Boise with Elise and Eric. It was fun to see everyone again. Cora loves all of her cousins, and was especially entertained by the "baby" - Noelani. We got to watch a few of the boys' soccer games while we were there, including Riggs' first game ever. He was so excited and made sure to ask Uncle Ryan if he would be videoing his "soccer skills." As he told us before his game, he is awesome at soccer. His age group doesn't keep score, but unofficially... his team won ;) Go T-Rex!Riggs after his game.This is Riggs cheering on his teammates from the sideline. The cheer section at Matthew's game.

Here are some videos from Riggs game. Riggs is the little guy in the big white shirt with red socks.


  1. Sarah,
    I love the basket!! So cute and the eggs too. Who is the guy with the long hair?

  2. Wow! What gorgeous stuff you made for Easter! I would loooove to know how you made the Easter basket!!! I also love, love, love your Easter garland!!!