Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend - and some other things

We haven't been able to post in a while because our computer had no more memory to upload pictures - we finally got around to backing stuff up this weekend and freed up some room to upload our latest pictures. Yay!

This was a ridiculously messy night a couple of weeks ago. Looks like she got electrocuted.

For a while there Cora lost her rice cracker - where on earth did that thing go?

We had a really fun Labor Day weekend - probably too much fun, as we are now very behind on school and house work. We went to a rugby game to cheer on Ryan's old friend from Hawaii. Still don't know what the heck is going on in that crazy game - there are so many players on the field and several times men were lifted in the air in some kind of cheerleading-type move? After that we had a little BYU football party with some friends from the ward and from Ryan's class, which was awesome, both the good times with friends and of course, the amazing win by BYU! Go Cougars!

Cora even took a teeny little step at the party, not really walking, more of a stabilizing herself kind of move, but she's sure getting close! She stands up by herself all the time now, and claps, or raises her arms above her head when we ask "how big is Cora?" She dances every time she hears music, even if she is almost asleep. She blows raspberries all the time, and also learned how to click her tongue - which, by the way, is always out and on the side of her mouth - just like her grandma and daddy. She is getting good at putting herself to sleep when I put her in her crib, and she's slept through the night for months now, which is nice. Now we just have to start slowly pushing her schedule earlier - we've allowed her to be quite the night owl! She loves the other kids I babysit, even though sharing is still a skill that she has to learn. But she is just such a sweetie and Ryan and I are so blessed. Cora turned 11 months old on Sunday and we can't believe how much she's grown.

On Monday Christopher came up from Provo for a day trip. We had a lot of fun chatting, listening to music, eating sushi and pizza, and playing frisbee golf/hiking at a new (to us) and pretty challenging course. Here's Cora trying on CW's shirt:

At the disc golf course - Cora is asleep in the carrier.
We took her out after this and carried her so she didn't hurt her neck.
Posing with Benny the Bengal...

...who tried to eat Christopher!
After dinner we all walked up to the columns by our house for a look at the sunset.
We had a great weekend and hope to see CW again soon. We'll make sure to post more often and keep up on the backing-up of data. Coming up next: updates on my latest crafting projects.

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  1. Hey there. That was fun!

    You gotta email me the full versions of the pictures we took! :)