Wednesday, August 26, 2009

since we've been back

Well Ryan is back in school and I am back to babysitting. We're still adjusting to a regular schedule. Since we came back home, we had a little over a week to enjoy the rest of the summer. Ryan got to go mountain biking several times. Here he is on top of Kinport Peak - a pretty grueling but fun trip he took one morning last week.
And Christopher came to visit us last weekend - we didn't take any pictures til he was about to leave and Cora was pretty sleepy by then. We had a fun weekend, playing lots of Wii, watching movies, going to the zoo, cutting hair, playing frisbee golf, and bowling. Two good movies we watched: Wall-E and Amazing Grace.

Yesterday I finally made Cora a hooded towel - a big size one that is so much easier to use than those wimpy teeny baby ones. It should fit her for years. I used a hand towel and a bath towel that were on sale last week. It's kind of hard to see in the pic- just looks like we put a towel over her head. But it does have a nice hood on it and a cute little pleat in the back for shape. I got the tutorial here, from Make it and Love it.


  1. That towel picture's adorable! Colin has a couple of those that I got at baby showers and they are my absolute favorites!! I love them!

  2. That towel is adorable! Where did you find it on sale? Also the pictures of Yellowstone are awesome! You guys look like you had a fun summer!