Friday, September 11, 2009

kissing, raspberries, and big butts

I babysit 3 kids, although their schedules vary, so I don't usually have 4 at once. Acacia is just a couple of weeks older than Cora and they are so cute playing together. They both know what "kiss" means - it means to lean towards another person with your mouth wide open and your tongue hanging out, right? Yesterday they decided to give each other kisses. I managed to catch one.

I"m hoping that having other kids around will teach Cora some social manners, but so far the sharing thing isn't really happening. She's gotten into a habit of not just taking toys away (see example below) but also yelling in the person's face who has the toys she wants. I know she's only 11 months old but does anyone have any suggestions of how to teach a baby better manners?
I recently got some new plastic pants for Cora, since her old ones all recently got big rips, which doesn't really work to hold in the cloth diaper wetness. They are really poufy and crinkly. I kind of like it.
Cora gets into everything - literally. She has decided that this little magazine holder on the side of our shelf is a cool place to be.
She is getting to be a very good climber and makeshift barriers to places we don't want her to go - such as out the front door when we're cooling off the place - doesn't work anymore. She climbs right over them.

This video from last night is a little dark - if you listen closely you can hear her raspberries - so funny.

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  1. That big diaper is hilarious! And I love her new little nook in the magazine rack! Very cute!