Sunday, May 17, 2009


My mom left today, after a nice but too short visit. It was so nice to see her, get mothering advice, and for her to see how much Cora has grown. She spoiled Cora with new clothes and toys, and me with new plants and furniture - a sewing machine desk and computer chair! I now have herbs - cilantro, basil and oregano, and chive seeds, and marigolds. Some people don't like how they smell but I do, it reminds me of working in the garden when I was young when we planted a border of marigolds to keep out small animals. Cora was fussy for the first couple of days Mom was here and just wanted me, but once her teeth came it (yes, two bottom teeth now,) she was happy and started getting to know her grandma, just in time for her to leave. Here we are earlier today - it is beautiful, warm and very sunny in Poky. The pics are just outside our door, with our summertime mountain view.

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