Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from Boise

Well Ryan finished his finals on Wednesday so we headed to Boise on Thursday. While we were there we celebrated Alex's 11th birthday and Eric's graduation from NNU with a Masters of Education. We came back late last night and Ryan started his clinical affiliation at Bingham Hospital in Blackfoot this morning. Here are some pictures of Cora with her cousins - Madelyn, Cora's only other girl cousin, who shares her birthday and is two years older - don't they look like cousins? Notice Cora's new skill - sitting up on her own! Madelyn and the boys just opened a package from Grandma Madelyn and were all excited to try on their new clothes - Madelyn has both of her new dresses on, on top of her nightgown. Also Ryan and Eric at graduation. Congrats Eric!


  1. Wow, Madelyn and Cora really do look alike! It's also really neat that they share a birthday. Cora must have fun with all her cousins!

  2. How neat that you guys were able to come to graduation. Such cute pictures of cousins. You'll have to let us know the next time you come and we should all get together!
    your cousin amber

  3. Cute pictures! I just wanted to report that my mother was born in Bingham County Hospital. Ryan should go visit my grandparents just west of town, they are great (and I wish I could visit them!) Hope you guys are doing well!