Saturday, September 17, 2016

Snow days!

I just love making my kids look all chubby in layers and layers of snow clothes.  I could not stop cracking up at their cute little round bodies, which is why they look a little grumpy in some of these photos.

The house looks so beautiful in the snow!

So chubby in all her layers!  I love it.

We had a lot of snow days in January so we got a lot of sledding in!  We were due some real winter weather, after having a 70 degree Christmas.  We explored all around the yard to find the best sledding hill and even went in the neighbor's yard too (with permission.)
Love note after playing in the snow all day.
Snow day breakfasts are the best! Cora's favorite part of playing in the snow is the hot chocolate after.
More chubby snow baby!  My warm headband/ear muff is a good baby scarf.

Trying to build a snowman.  Ryan put bags over Elijah's hands to try to keep them dry.
They made a really cute little snow guy!  (I can't remember if it was a mouse or a bear or what.)

They liked going down the hill "penguin style" without sleds sometimes too.
The kids decided to destroy their snowman the same day they made it! At least we got pics.  I was kind of sad because I love seeing how long they can last before melting away.

So I decided to make my own snowman that I didn't let the kids destroy so I could watch it slowly melt - he was right outside our kitchen window so we had a good view of him.  Unfortunately, he turned out super creepy looking and only got creepier as he slowly melted.  Oops.

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