Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fun at home January 2016

The kids got a new basic Lego set for Christmas to supplement the Legos they had gotten hand-me-down from some nice neighbors in Hawaii and spent a lot of time building all kinds of mansions, vehicles, and restaurants in January.  

Here they made some dog families and houses for them.
Along with a cool motorcycle and digger with some of the instructions that came in the kit.
Cora's dog family
Elijah's dog family
Daddy's house
Betty's friends and animals all reading books while the big kids were at school.
Cora's freeze dried strawberry "suckers"
Poor Betty's always begging to be let through the gate.
Elijah won the citizenship award at school, we are so proud of him! He is following his big sister's example, she won that award the previous quarter.
Doing some drawing after church one Sunday.  Copying a page from Betty's cute new book "The Pout Pout Fish"
This picture that Elijah brought home from school somewhat alarmed me - because at first I thought it looked like a sad person pointing a gun at himself with a demon next to him - but Elijah told me that it was a good guy shooting a monster who was scaring the person in the middle.  Still somewhat violent for my little pre-schooler who doesn't know much about guns, I thought, but better than my original interpretation.
Elijah has an assortment of friends who he likes to sleep and play with - one day in January he was home sick from school, but he felt well enough to be out of bed - so he amused himself by drawing portraits of his favorite friends.
The artist hard at work.
Closely observing his subject.

Cora's also been feeling very artistic lately - one afternoon she told Ryan how she was wanting to make an easel and he helped her construct this awesome thing!

More Lego masterpieces.

All 3 coloring on my laminated dry-erase coloring sheets.
Dry Erase Bert and Ernie.
Elijah goofing around
Betty helping with the groceries. "Heaby, mommy."

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