Monday, March 23, 2015

Virginia Summer 2014 Reunion part 1

Happy at the bowling alley!  That was the first thing we did when we got to Herndon!
The kids walking around the temple with Uncle Christopher.  The family was kind enough to entertain our kids at the temple while Ryan and I went inside together (Which hadn't happened for a while since Betty was born)
Ryan got to celebrate his 32nd birthday with lots of love from the keiki, who made him cards and a sweet birthday hat.  
And a yummy Costco chocolate cake.
 Playing at the creek on the path by Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Watching Uncle Kevin's ball game!
 At the playground by the ball field.
 Zoo trip!  We always make everyone go to the zoo with us.  We just love the zoo!  The "triplets" took a turn pushing the stroller. (since the zoo is fairly hilly) and it was so cute but they had steering issues so the adults had to take it back. ;)   
 The princesses did not enjoy the odor of the ape house.  Muy Guapo didn't seem to notice.
 Bunch of kids!
 Bunch of kids again!
 Elijah's favorite animal!
 Great Grandma Wei made Betty Tam this super cute blanket!  We love the book Goodnight Moon so it was perfect!
 Great Grandma Wei reading to the littles.
Love my siblings!
Everyone loves to hold the baby!

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