Monday, March 23, 2015

Virginia Summer 2014 Reunion part 2

The beauties of Great Falls Park.


Funny baby.
 Papa took a turn with the Snugli. So comfy.
 Playing at the creek at the park.
 Tallest piggy-back ride ever!
 Playing with Auntie Aline and Great Grandma Tam!

 Grandma and her namesake.
 Taking a very large group with lots of kids to DC is a crazy idea!  Constant head counts and the buddy system just barely kept the chaos in check.  We went to an art museum and the natural history museum this time. On the way back we got stuck in the Metro due to a train breakdown.  It was a pretty exhausting but memorable day!

 We split up at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (had to do it, it was just too crowded, but meeting back up was difficult when it was just too loud to hear cell phones ring).  Ryan took Cora to see the gems. She was actually not terribly impressed.
Playing on the train the we were stuck on.
 These two girlies love playing together
 After church pics with Grandma at the end of the trip.
 We had a wonderful time in Virginia and loved seeing everyone again for our reunion!  It just keeps getting crazier with all the kids but we love our big crazy family!

Becky Davis again took wonderful pictures of our family.  This time our kids were just not having it and we didn't really get any keepers of just our little family but I still loved the group shots and they are a good snapshot of our kid's personalities for sure!

Especially this one - it's so very Cora!  5 going on 16, this girl!

yep that's about the best we got

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