Friday, January 31, 2014

Early January 2014

Here are my little chefs in home-sewn chef attire.  Cora has an apron and oven mitts too that I made but wasn't wearing them for this pic.  She is still waiting patiently for me to make her a chef hat too.

Playground trip with Daddy.
 We went to the zoo on January 4th with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a beautiful sunny but cool and breezy day and we had a great time.  Here is Elijah with his favorite animal, the elephant.  He is always telling us that the elephant is his favorite animal at the zoo.  
 Cora's favorite is the hippo - for some reason she thinks they are "girl animals" which is important, apparently.  We got a pretty good view of them this time.
 The chimps always freak me out a little after watching Planet of the Apes - especially this big guy who stared us down for a while.  My belly provides a good place for Elijah to sit on to see.

 Here's the whole gang outside the zoo entrance by the amazing banyon tree.  After the zoo we went to our old favorite Thai place in Honolulu - a great day together!
 Elijah managed to get his leg stuck in out step stool one day and gave me a good scare - I thought for sure that we were going to have to get out the saw and break the chair to get his leg out.  He was crying and saying it hurt, but I just couldn't get it out on my own, even lubed up with cooking spray.  Ryan was in Honolulu for a conference so I called Grandpa over to help (luckily it was lunchtime) and he was able to free Elijah.  The silly boy was so worked up and tired by that time that he started crying and saying he wanted it back on, but by that night he was laughing about it and told Grandpa thank you for helping him get out.  
 I finally got around to a little bit of fun silly sewing and made the kids superhero costumes, which has been on my list for a while.  So easy to do and they loved them.  We got the movie the Incredibles from the library a month or so ago and they loved it, especially Elijah.  He was really sad that we had to return it and kept asking to watch it again, so we got it to give to him for his birthday.  
 My two superheros going to the playground.  They were so cute running around going "to the rescue!"

 We spent one morning exploring the treasures that BYU field has to offer with the kids' new magnifying glasses they got in their stockings.  

 We also watched the garbage truck and waved at the garbage man, which is one of Elijah's favorite things.

 And hunted for dandelions to blow.
Lots of fun little adventures so far this year!  We found out that Cora got into Bright Beginnings Preschool in Hauula so she is going to have a fun new adventure this year with that.  She starts full-day kindergarten this August so I'm glad she'll have some preparation for school before that.  The preschool just expanded their classrooms so they are still working on getting everything set with building permits, etc, so we are just waiting for the go-ahead for her to start with them.  She is super excited and so am I.  She will really benefit from it, socially and academically, I think.

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