Friday, January 31, 2014

Big waves 2014

A couple nights last week we drove out to check out the big waves on the North Shore.  The first day it wasn't actually that big, but the kids had fun playing in the sand a bit and we saw a nice sunset.  

Cora's wearing a new top that I sewed for her -it's really cute, and reversible, but you can't see it that well because she prefers to wear it with her cardigan.  In fact, she's been obsessed with jackets lately - she's only got a couple but she's been wearing them non-stop, even though it's really too warm for them usually.
The next day we saw some truly impressive high surf! The entire north shore was covered in a salty mist from the crashing of the waves.  Here are the kids and Ryan at Waimea.
By Three Tables beach.
At Shark's Cove.  The wind was pretty fierce as you can tell by our clothes. Cora in another one of her sweaters - this time it was chilly enough to warrant it.  
Due to high winds we had a power outage one night that lasted about 8 hours.  It was kind of a rough night because the kids woke up and couldn't sleep without their white noise fan and night light, and it was so hot without all our fans on.  But we got a fun treat the next morning by having ice cream for breakfast - the shopping center was still without power and Angel's ice cream was giving away their inventory before it melted.  The kids thought it was pretty cool, but I wound up eating more of it than I should have, since they both gave up quickly saying they were "too cold."  We've had some nice cool weather for Hawaii this past month, which has been nice for me, being pregnant.  A couple nights/early mornings even got down to 55 degrees!  
Here is Cora modeling the dress I sewed for her first day of preschool - which we are still waiting on.  I made her take it off as soon as I took these pics and made sure it fit well, to save it for her first day.  This dress was quite a labor of love with lots of little details and new skills I learned, so hopefully she doesn't grow out of it too soon!

Elijah tends to get stuck on one book for bedtime and naptimes, for a few days to weeks at a time.  One weekend this month he decided he wanted just Daddy to read to him and this was his "story" of choice for a couple naptimes and bedtimes- the back of the cake mix box.  Guess he had sweet dreams after that!  Cora doesn't look too impressed at the plot of his favorite "story."

Some pics from Ryan's hike to Laie Falls with our good friends Brandon and Tonya who came for a visit.  
Beautiful views
After Ryan's hike we went to Goat Island with our visitors Brandon and Tonya and our good friend Paul.  This was our first time taking the kids out there - they thought it was pretty cool, although they got impatient during the long crossing and pretty chilled by the end, as you can see by Cora's face.  But they found some cool shells and since we skipped naptime to take them out there, they got a nice early bedtime and slept very well that night.  

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  1. haha i like that eli wants to read the back of the cake box