Friday, November 4, 2011

Mom's visit and Cora's birthday

This picture was actually taken the day before Mom arrived - just the kids hanging out in the bike trailer getting ready to go for a ride with Daddy and Grandma Madelyn on the bike path.
We were so excited to have my mom come visit for two weeks! We decided to go the the PCC on Cora's birthday.Cora put on her own show during the canoe pageant.

Mom bought her a little lei that's supposed to be worn on her head but she preferred it around her neck. We were all surprised she chose the blue one, since she usually has no eyes for any other color but pink.We ate at the newly renovated Gateway Buffet and the waitresses brought Cora some cupcakes with a candle and sang "Happy Birthday"We opened presents when we got home. Cora was so excited and wound up from our long day and being with all her cousins and grandmas. She loved her new bike!On Sunday we had a dinner with the family to celebrate. We had kalua pig in the crock pot, with pink dyed rice, watermelon, and salad. I made a 4 layer cake, from a mix, with homemade butter cream frosting. I was attempting to re-create the Rose Cake from I am Baker. It didn't quite turn out the same (I ran out of frosting, even though I made a ton) but it was fun anyways and Cora was excited. I made some garlands to decorate the house - see them on the ceiling? I just punched out pink, purple, white and gray circles from paint chips and sewed them together.The cake was... pink! Cora is such a joy to us. These past three years have passed so quickly. Cora went from being a sweet and mellow little baby to a spunky, loving little girl. She has such a strong personality. She is very stubborn and particular, but also is very polite (always says please and thank you) and loving. She loves all her family and friends. She is a great big sister - a little bossy but she just adores Elijah and we love the cute way she talks to him. She is so smart - she is learning new things all the time. She pays attention to everything that goes on around her - sometimes more than we would like. ;) She loves books, her dolls, playing ring around the rosie and "hide and sick", going to auntie's and grandma's houses, and still loves her blankie and sucking her thumb. We are so blessed to have her.

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