Friday, November 4, 2011

Ko'olina and Mom leaving

One afternoon when Ryan got off early we decided to take our moms to Ko'olina, to play in the lagoons at the resort. The water was beautiful - blue, clear and calm. Ryan and my mom got to snorkel a little bit too.
Cora was insisting she wasn't cold when she got out of the water, silly girl.
Playing in the sand
Just hanging out at home with Debbie Gramma.
This is just before we took Mom to the airport, overlooking the temple. The sun was a little bright for me and Mom but Elijah was smiling so cute!

We were so sad to see Mom go home! Cora just cried and cried at the airport when she realized she was leaving, saying " I want to stay with Grandma!" The two weeks she was here just flew by. It was fun to have our first visitor in our new house though. Cora loved sharing a room with Grandma. We love you Mom, thanks for coming all the way to Hawaii to visit us! We're looking forward to another visit soon, hopefully with Dad and Grandma Wei too!

This is just a random pic of Cora the next day, playing with all her dolls and animals.

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